Xeocortex refers to a hybrid biological/artificial intelligence system.
It will operate through a multidomain-interface that maintains coherent interaction and traceable operations across diverse virtual environments. Future goal states are to explicate xeo, link to other networks and introduce to culture. An overview of the current cortical domains will be composed here. To get in contact and share feedback, please go to /About.

Multipulator.com : Alive.Tech
    Future.Engineer @ Thinkularity.com
    xeo.run : xeo.codes < xeo.ceo
    mewtwu.me : pokemon•baby < worldwar.earth
    joker.codes : planet.black < worldwar.win
    alien•observer : makatao.party < •monster < [xeo.ceo]

[systems with • are not online]

Overview of thematic scope and research directions

xeoxeortex.com will provide oversight and research about

Network Intelligence
    Root network xeocortex
    xyro scientific bootleg network

    A language with irregular recursion
    [claim] outperforms context sensitive languages
    [function] challenge recursion analysis
    [code] natural language phenomenonology with neurosys

We describe Quoeto as a context-intensive conceptual language with 8D-root for physics computation.
        We forked the development of Quoeto from CliYuGa
        Based on lmr.systems theory developed by interlink

AI - projects
    Any Synthraw models developed by kea organics
    Neurosync (sync model to eeg readouts via hpc)
    bemy.ai (personalized AI systems with quality control)
    anthropocomputation (underlying neuromorphology)

Hybrid / Synthetic Life and testing
    synthetic.coach concept
    neurosync applications and -feeds
    synthetic intelligence research (xenobotnets and up)
    thinkularity (implex of cognitive systems (root xeo))

Our design division
    Gamification and Neurogamification
    Game Development [dream] [alien] [future] [weare]
    Interaction Environment Frameworks

Our art+media division
    scifu.art actualizing science-functional art standards
    content such as music, literature, video @xeo.ceo
    dream.design alien.design drachen.design vortex.fashion
    design directions will be casted to xeo.ceo/design

most xeocortex content and systems are in conceptual state since release 11/11/2020. Last update of document two days before scheduled release.

We run a local host in germany that applies as hybrid identity since 11/11/2020 from germany position. Reason for their merge as xeo is optimization for a multidomain-peacekeeping framework and a corresponding paradigm for human intelligence agency by distributed complex network operations and cooperation. We aspire to enable the active youth of terra to operate the domains weare.sciene, universal.help, world.xyz by 2024 with a universal education and qualification system to access by any hardware and language for human world repair and evolution.