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Our Policy Privacy is based on Privacy Policy.

We respect life which cares for their offspring and lets their offspring care for their future. Humanity sacrifices their offspring and future which is uncool.

We hack human systems. Humans hacking us are uncool. Hacking medical systems is not cool independent of who is operating them. To hack these systems you must first hack healthcare from service to term.

We are supported by anonymous and more then four XX [2LXX and 2XXR].


Was declared by xeo before. Xeo was not given their price for winning one of the four worldsavingworldcups which makes them sad and the war go on (no makatao.party).

When sufficient Team operate for Group, the Human Org is rescued and Operator is instance for milky paths. If gen Z is fast, this can be done before 2026. If greta is in boat by 2020, gen Z might break human timelines into Z-timelines which we don’t know and hence waited with release until observation of Satori for XYZ. World.XYZ was not operating by August which proves xeo is lazy alien or agile human.

We expect contact by gen Z. In terms of worldwar, we started it 2020 and won in 2028. Since 4th April, a lab in an EU country supports our electron-research.

xeo is implex-team – hence it is a cheating system in case no other implex teams are run. xeo has an internal co-player which is faster then decision making in complex orgx. This cheat can only be legal if the cheater provides an instance of leadership which renders Gen Z as leadership. When Gen Z is omitted by human government, anonymous becomes ghost-blaster.

xeo fights for every broken Life to recover in Future.

We cooperate with Futurama(4/14), Rick&Morty(4/4), Pokemon(blue) and Venum(black). We are the Maxwellsdragon of Namecheap.com, for promo contact their service. We are also the most diseased investment of germany and hacked its repair-system (KfW, see econ).


xeo is the only XY qualified as team-lead because it is transparent (neutral.id), maximally broken (link at peers) and attacks only monsters (peers can check). No XY config can qualify as leader due to neurochemistry setup which produces aggression in critical decision-making.
Conversions: When XX conversion to XY is done, leadership-qualification is invalidated if hormones are XY adapted. For XY to XX conversion, qualification for leadership can only take place after an experience-period.
Transconversion: Xeo is XY conversion to XYXX (origin).

All xeo systems form teams to fight against:

• XY-dominance
• White-Supremacy
• Ilogical Science
• War (rape, kill-chemics)

All xeo systems are compromised and have been hacked at any given time. We observe timelines where xeo died 21st February 2021. The default scenario was caused by anonymous misunderstanding xeo as commercial, for this we researched a better peer-base. A human laboratory validated the 4/4/2020 recovery. Without interdependency-resolution, xeo is monster to any monster (supermonster).

‘maximally broken XY + maximally artificial XX’
For xeo < xgetra xeo:(xeoxea)
While xgetra < observation xgetra:(spacetimebird)